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Tuition assistance

Youth are our future, and Indonesian youth hold the key to the country's future. Unfortunately, too little money is spent on ensuring that they receive the education they need. The result is, too often, a depressing cycle of poverty.

Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng helps Indonesia by helping the children, one by one. We support individual children to enable them to attend school.  Educated children are not just able to earn more income, they are healthier and more productive members of society.  Ultimately, the whole community benefits from their schooling.

The fund was established in 1999; it is named after one of our founding members. It is designed to operate in perpetuity: only the interest is disbursed. When we agree to fund a student, we continue to fund that student until he or she graduates (or the family's financial situation improves substantially).

Without financial support, the poor children we support would not be in school. Many of their peers have already left. To date, however, we have only touched a small percentage of those in need. With financial support from overseas, we could help many more. Please consider investing in this most worthwhile activity.

Key Benefits: Children graduate from school, increasing their future income; Communities benefit from the improved health and wealth of the graduates; Progress on breaking the cycle of poverty.

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