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Heart surgery

Since 1999, Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng has disbursed funds to facilitate open-heart surgery for children of poor families. By doing so we literally save lives, one child at a time. We currently fund from three to six operations per year, for children between the ages of two and seven years.

The majority of our patients suffer from a condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot, a condition leading to a lack of supply of oxygen to the extremities of the body. Main symptoms are blue skin around extremities, which later spreads to the whole body. These children have a very short life expectancy and can only be helped with open-heart surgery. This procedure has risks, but can generally be performed with excellent results.

All parties involved in carrying out the operation for children are doing so on a non-profit basis. This involves the pediatrician cardiologist at the RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, the preeminent teaching hospital in Indonesia, and the operating surgeon in the only hospital in Jakarta specializing in open-heart surgery, the RS Harapan Kita.

Young patients are pre-selected based on the severity of their condition as well as the financial background of their parents. The operation, including the recovery phase and nutritional supplementation prior to surgery, costs on average around US$4,000.  The monthly income of the parents of our past patients, however, has never exceeded US$60.

The transformation of a child, from having a heart problem to having had the chance for a normal life is truly breathtaking and one of great endearment. For example, we have funded an operation for a boy who had a healthy twin brother. Previously ailing and not developing, he is now able play with his brother, and has quickly caught up in development after the surgery.

The members of Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng are truly proud to manage a charity giving true meaning to the phrase "A gift for life". Should you want to support our project financially you are more than welcome. Any amount is gratefully accepted. Please consider helping us to save these children from a certain premature death.

Key Benefit: Children's lives are saved.

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