Rotary Club Jakarta-Menteng Celebrates Achievements of Founding Fathers
19-03-2007 (RCJM)
The RCJM held a commemorative dinner on 9 March to celebrate the achievements of the Club’s honorary and founding members. The event was a resounding success with good participation from present, past and honorary members of our Rotary Club, and many of their spouses. Honorary members, Mr Jusuf Ronodipuro and Mrs Jusuf, Mr Johnny Widjaja and Mr Joe Kamdani, helped us celebrate 27 years of achievement by RC Jakarta-Menteng. Apologies were received from Mr Hendra Hadiprana and the Australian Ambassador. Rotarians and their guests enjoyed a buffet dinner provided by the Borobudur Hotel and some fine karaoke singing at the end of the dinner led by legendary crooners, Rtns Brian and Handoko. Hopefully Handoko’s neighbours are still on speaking terms with him! The strong sense of fellowship evident throughout the night reminded us that our Club’s commitment to the Rotary goal of service remains solid. Pak Handoko deserves a special vote of thanks for allowing us to use his house in Jln Brawijaja and for providing a number of beverage refreshments.

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