Ciherang Pondok State Primary School Rehabilitation
15-02-2006 (RCJM)
The reopening of the newly-renovated Ciherang Pondok State Primary School marks the culmination of months of painstaking planning and project supervision work by Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng. As part of its mandate to help improve the welfare of underprivileged Indonesian communities, Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng, with generous financial assistance from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, funded the complete refurbishment of the existing school premises. New work undertaken included building three new classrooms and renovating the library, first-aid and teachers' common rooms.

Ciherang Pondok State Primary School is located in Caringin District, Bogor Regency. The school was established in 1975 and has a teaching staff of six. 341 children are currently studying in grades 1-6. Pupils come from all over Caringin District which is noted for its fish packaging cottage industry.

In choosing to support Ciherang Pondok School, Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng, acknowledged the strong commitment teaching staff at the school have to furthering the education of children in the Caringin District. A number of teachers have taught at the school for many years - one teacher having completed 20 years service. He is now teaching the children of his first students at the school.

Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng recognizes that the parlous state of many Indonesian schools, often fail to provide children with an appropriate study environment. School rehabilitation needs are urgent: there are 1,200 schools in the province of West Java alone which require immediate renovation. The budget provided by the Indonesian Department of National Education is, at best, modest and the government only has funds for rehabilitation work on 200 schools throughout the country each year.

Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng is helping school rehabilitation through programs of extensive physical repairs, new fixtures and equipment, and other facilities as needed. Schools are selected based on their need and the inability of parents to fund the necessary repairs. Rehabilitation takes about four months; most of the work is performed by the local community, to increase their sense of ownership of the new facility. We are also adding library facilities by collecting and cataloging surplus books and magazines.

The key benefit of Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng's school rehabilitation program is that children are able to learn in a cleaner and safer school environment. We hope that communities will benefit from the improved health and greater self-confidence of school leavers.

You can see photos of the school before the rehabilitation here

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